Where can I get a Quote for a wheelchair platform lift in the Appleton WI. area?

You can get a quote for a wheelchair platform lift in the Appleton WI. area by calling Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.  A wheelchair platform lift can be installed in the garage to avoid a large ramp.  The lift was built to fit and use in almost all residential situations and conditions.  The drive system operates in all weather conditions, from -30 degrees to -120 degrees.  The key operated switch can be removed to disable the lift from other users.  The lift is finished with a powder coated finish, to help protect it against the elements if installed outside.  Every safety detail has been carefully designed including a non-slip platform, constant pressure switches, a low platform for easy roll-on/roll-off, safety barrier and railing and all rolled edges.  The lift is sturdy enough to lift and lower 750 pounds and will accommodate electric wheelchairs and scooters.  A portable version is available and can be used in some commercial applications.  You will not find a better product on the market for your money, and the lift has a 5 year warranty, unheard of in the industry.  So to get your quote on a wheelchair platform lift call Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.



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