Where can I get a wheelchair ramp in the Madison WI.area?

You can get a wheelchair ramp in the Madison WI. area by calling Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.  We offer three types of wheelchair ramps.  The first is a portable aluminum design, best fitted for one or two steps and can be moved to other locations for use.  The second type of wheelchair ramp would be a modular aluminum type.  They are ADA compliant, durable and weather resistant with little or no maintenance required.  They can be assembled all year long and have a resale value.  Multiple configurations are possible.  The third type of wheelchair ramp would be a custom made wood ramp.  They require a protective finish like a deck, can only be constructed when the frost is out of the ground, and do not generally have a resale value.  They can be built in multiple configurations and require to be code compliant.  We often build a small deck at the door landing to be used as a sitting area on nice days.  To get your wheelchair ramp quote in the Madison WI. area call Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.



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