Where can you get a wheelchair ramp in the Milwaukee are?

You can get a wheelchair ramp in the Milwaukee area by calling Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.  We have three different categories of ramps.  Ramps built of wood tend to be rather permanent and are the least expensive.  They are not reusable and must be constructed according to building codes for safety.  The second type of ramps we sell are portable aluminum modular ramps.  These ramps must also be constructed keeping building codes in mind for safety.  These ramps come in modular sections and can be reused for many years.  They also have a resale value.  The third type of ramp we sell are potable aluminum ramps.  We have many styles and sizes to choose from.  They can be moved to help access different locations.  So if you are in need of a wheelchair ramp in the Milwaukee area call Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779.


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