Can I get an outdoor stairlift in the Madison area?

You can get an outdoor stairlift  in the Madison area by calling Home Accessibility (608) 849-9779.  The outdoor stairlift has all the features of the indoor stairlift, but is designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use.  The stairlift is ideal for situations involving any steps that are exposed to the elements, including garden steps, balconies, porches,verandas, and garage or basement steps.  All metallic components are either made from aluminum, and are oil annealed or zinc plated before powder coating.  Plastic components are heat and UV resistant, protecting the stairlift from color fading and ambient heat damage.  The outdoor stairlift comes with a durable waterproof cover for the ultimate in outdoor protection.  To get your outdoor stairlift in the Madison area call Home Accessibility (608) 849-9779.


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