Who has the best stairlift service in Madison?

You can get the best stairlift service in Madison by calling Home Accessibility (608) 849-9779.  Home Accessibility is a certified installer and service  provider for all starlifts they sell.  Training is taken place at factory headquarters with hands on experience provided.  Some stairlift providers do not have this.  When you buy a chairlift you should ask two questions.  Who does the service work, and how much is their hourly rate.  I know one company that will not come to your house unless you put a $270.00 minimum charge on your credit card for the 2 hour minimum diagnostic charge.  Other companies that sell stairlifts don’t even install them themselves.  They have some other sub-contractor do the install and who knows who will be doing the service work!  To rest assured about your stairlift in the Madison area call Home Accessibility (608) 849-9779


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