Who has the best stairlift in Madison?

Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779 has the best stairlift in Madison.   A good stairlift should have a track with a zero clearance to the steps below it to reduce the top and bottom track extensions which could be a tripping hazard.  A good installation will try to keep the bottom and the top landing seat heights as close as possible for ease of accessibility from the top landing.  A rounded stairlift track is more user friendly than a square track as it reduces chances for stubbed toes.  A vinyl seat is easier to slide on and off of than a cloth seat, and it is easy to clean with a damp rag.   A battery operated chair lift is a smarter power source than a direct 110 volt as the battery operated lift will allow the user to ride the chairlift several times in case of a power outage.  Call Home Accessibility at (608) 849-9779 for stairlift evaluation, quotes, and sales in Madison.


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