Who has the best stairlifts in the Fox River Valley?

Home Accessibility (608)849-9779 has the best stairlift for the Fox River Valley.  A lockable on/off switch allows the user to prevent others (e.g. children) from using the lift.  The switch should also completely shut down the unit so as to not drain down the batteries when left unattended for longer time periods such as vacations, or those trips to see the grandkids.  A state of the art stairlift should have an on-board diagnostic control panel, which tells you the status of the lift, and alerts you of any pending problems before they arise.  This on-board diagnostics will save money on repairs.  A padded seat and backrest ensure that the stairlift gives the most comfortable ride available.  The lockable swivel seat allows the user to safely board and leave the lift without the need for twisting the body.  Call Home Accessibility (608) 849-9779 to get the best stairlift in the Fox River Valley.


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